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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Window of Opportunity

October has been very hectic, with the celebration of my son's second birthday, family trips and a business trip--very little time to paint and little opportunity to post until now. I don't go anywhere without my sketchbook though, and look for the chance to sketch and practice.

I did take advantage of my trips to sketch, including the pen and wash above, done last week with a regular pen, a water brush and my small half pan palette on the tray of the airplane during flight, to the amusement of my fellow passengers. The photo is from a challenge from the painting forum I take part in. I sketched in pen while I waited at the airport in Charlotte, NC, and colored my sketch before landing in Denver.

Before takeoff, I took advantage of the time to sketch a few of the airplanes I could see out of the window, with the intent to show them to my son when I got home--he loves airplanes, trains and tractors...