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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back from vacation!

We are just back from a trip to Brazil, to introduce our three month old to my family. It was another busy trip, with little time to paint, but I did add to my sketchbook. The scene above was a view from the beach in Coroados, Paraná. It was sketched with watercolor pencils, which proved very practical in the hot, windy weather.


  1. Good landscapes Marcio!
    I found you on WC, started lingering there myself recently. Definitely come back to check
    your latest! All the best

    btw. your member profile on CWS isn't loading

  2. Hi Frank, nice to "meet" you!
    Thank you for visiting, and come back soon!
    Also thank you letting me know the link isn't working, I'll look into it.
    All the best,