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Friday, June 17, 2011

Out and About...

Fourteen days, nine locations, ten paintings... my output from the painting phase of the Boulder County Parks & Open Spaces event, just finished.
My evenings and weekends in the last two weeks were spent outside in the field, in these great, inspiring locations--from rock formations to open fields to vistas to historic buildings... You can see some of these and my set up with paintings in progress in the images.

The paint out sessions were very peaceful and enjoyable--well, mostly... Last Sunday, at Hall Ranch, I walked to a gate to check the view from there, and all of a sudden heard a sound that made me jump five feet back... I'd come within three feet of a rattlesnake, and it didn't like it a bit, it was coiled and rattling loudly! Other encounters were a lot more friendly: I saw a young moose in the canyon the previous weekend, and on different days a herd of deer, a fox carrying a dead squirrel, another fox, cotton tail bunnies, and lots of cows! I met some interesting people too: A historical site guide, park rangers, other artists. A great experience in all aspects. Now I have to select four of the paintings and submit them for the upcoming exhibit.

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