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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gypsy Look, a Portrait Sketch

I did this sketch last night to take a break from a meticulous realistic large portrait I'm doing of my son. I chose a vacation photo of my wife, in the rental car, all tan from the beach except around her eyes because of her sunglasses.

It started just as a pencil sketch but I decided to color it. I was improvising, pushed the study farther than I should, applied paint beyond the capacity of the sketchbook paper and the paint started looking blotchy on the shaded area. I should know better, but thought "oh one more application will be alright..." Well it wasn't, but the study was fun to do and it captured her expression well, so I decided to share.

Gypsy Look, 8x10 inches, on a Strathmore visual journal, cadmium yellow, cadmium red light, burnt sienna, cobalt blue and perylene maroon, with some raw sienna, and some ultramarine blue used to mix the darkest darks, Escoda travel brush #12.


  1. She's beautiful and the painting is beautiful. Just Wow!!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Great work...
    That sketches are very good and beautiful. This is a good art which make us a great artist..


  3. Thank you very much, Michelle...
    Really nice art by you..

  4. Hello Marcio,

    I like your figures, especially this one of your wife. Like the way of warm and cool shapes connected together on the face, and around.
    Which brand of watercolors did you use? I'm looking for cheaper (than W&N, DS)price but good quality paints. Also would like to experiment on portrait/figure in watercolor. Thanks for your time.

  5. Hi Ginger Hsu, I just read your comment. Thank you for your comments.
    To answer your question, I use a variety of brands, such as Schmincke, M. Graham, DS, etc. If you are looking for more affordable but high quality paints I would recommend you try M. Graham and Da Vinci, if you can find or order those brands. Maimeri Blu is another great option.