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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stroll on Pearl Selected for Louisville Show

Stroll on Pearl St.
Watercolor, 11x15 in.

I received the great news this weekend that my painting "Stroll on Pearl St." has been selected for the Louisville National Fine Art Show, in September. The Pearl St. pedestrian mall in Boulder is a favorite location for me, with great people watching, nice architecture, lively street cafes and a relaxed atmosphere. I tried to convey some of these elements in my depiction of this scene, and emphasized the light with the juicy dark colors in the shadows. The figures in the scene are from my imagination, a young couple on a stroll, she is telling him something, is he intent listening as he walks with his eyes on the pavement ahead... or is he half lost in thought himself...? Earlier in my career, I used to avoid figures; nowadays I'm quite happy to populate my paintings with them and let them add some drama to the scenes. Then it's up to the viewer's imagination to complete the story!


  1. It is great. How, how, how he does it?? - I was thinking while studying the details :-))
    I arrived here from Wet Canvas and will now follow with pleasure!

  2. Hi Irina, I know the feeling, I get that feeling every time I see a painting by Zbukvic, or Bernhard Vogel, etc.
    In my paintings, there is everything from difficult, carefully planned details to easy, happy accidents, and everything in between: for instance, here, the man in the black jacket was planned from the start, the woman was a last minute thing.