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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reading on the Road: L'Art de L'Aquarelle

My reading for the plane? The first issue of the new French watercolor magazine L'art de l'aquarelle. I learned about it from my friend Nicholas Simmons, who is featured on the inaugural issue of the magazine. This incredibly talented, award-winning artist is in great company, the magazine has an interview with Ewa Karpinska, and articles on two of the painters I admire the most, Joseph Zbukvic and Gottfried Salzmann, not to mention a special article on Andrew Wyeth.
When I read this lineup, I simply had to get the magazine. It is not sold in the U.S., but I got the tip from my friend Felicie to order it online from the French store fnac.com. It is in French, with a summary of the articles in English. Great quality paper and illustrations, great writing about the artists and their approach; advanced level, no demos, no instruction, but great inspiration!


  1. Thanks for the plug, I think it's an incredible magazine too. Next issue will have a feature on the great Wayne Roberts, and I wrote a tribute for that.

  2. 1. Huge Congrats on your impending fatherhood! Baby will teach you like nothing else how to make use of those fleeting moments and capture the essence.
    2. By the way, you did this nicely with your HM winner -- cold fingers and all...
    3. I had email correscpondence with Nicholas after he read a "rant" I made on Wet Canvas....cool that he's on the cover, and now i want to check this mag out as well.

    Keep painting, Janet Flom (Fargo)

  3. Thank you very much, Janet. Enjoy the rest of the Dakotan summer!